ALGARVIAN.LIFE @ Barão de São João Market – One of the most amazing aspects of the Algarve, is the large alternative living communities that exist here, and the many organised events that happen to support that community.

The Algarve is paradise for free minded people who wish to experience life outside the corporate construct, and in harmony with their natural environment.

The Market at Barão de São João

I was delighted to visit and learn about the amazing monthly market at Barão de São, just outside of Lagos, which has been going on for 20 years.  This is a place like no other I have ever been to, attracting all of the most colourful people of this region, who come together on the fourth Sunday of the month, and set up a market.  Market stalls and vendors mostly arrive the Saturday before and stay over night for the market on the Sunday.  Indeed, it is like a temporary community of free thinking, free living people.  There is no restriction on who can set up a market stall, and there are no official controls, no payment is needed to set up a stall, and there is little to no regulation from any authority.  This is a truly free and tolerant space of togetherness.

Mel Ve eating a vegan chocolate brownie

There is an endless plethora of beautiful hand made clothes, trinkets, soaps and nick nacs of all kinds, not to mention the vast variety of interesting food and drinks available, catering for all tastes, including an especially large selection of vegan treats.  I was particularly impressed with the amazing recipes for vegan cakes and brownies, including ones made with sweet potato.

If you are out to have a good time, there is no shortage of little party spots that spontaneously erupt all over the market.  It was an amazing treat to see musicians coming together in an organic fashion, to perform an impromptu jam that sounded pretty awesome.  There are some seriously talented people in amongst this colourful community, and I am so glad to see places where they can come together and share their talents, their creativity and the ultimate dream of unity and freedom.  Being the Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network, I am always interested in supporting small businesses and sustainable community produce, whilst encouraging the alternative living communities of this region.  In fact, the Beach Farm Community were so inspired by our visit to this market in January 2018, that we decided to join in the monthly market in February.

Beach Farm Community produce on sale at the Barão de São João market in February 2018

This was the official launch of the Beach Farm Community’s product range, which included Beach Farm Honey, Chilli Olive Oil and of course, our LOVE Kombucha.   We plan to return to the market in March with an extended product range for the conscious minded consumer.

Thank you to the amazing community of traders and market folk who made us feel so welcome.  It is truly a honour and privilege to be able to be a part of this amazing community of people.  This is the kind of place that gives me a lot of hope for the world, as the Algarve provides many opportunities for the ‘outside the box’ type of person, who wishes to pursue a free, fair, peaceful, sustainable world.

Artist Mel Ve doing live painting demonstration at Barão de São João market

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