Algarvian.Life festive season catch up… enter 2019 | Article by Editor Mel Ve | It goes without saying that 2018 has to go down in my personal history books, as one of the most epic years of my life.  After moving to the Algarve in July 2017, we spent 2018 getting to know the Algarve, the colourful people, the amazing communities and markets, the food, the parties, the landscape, and of course, the endless variety of breath taking beaches, whilst establishing ourselves within the local community of Lagoa.

We finished out the year on what was possibly the best market we have yet attended at Barao de Sao Joao.  Like all of the markets of 2018, it was not short of wonderful musical minstrels,  wondering about, playing their tunes.  There was an excellent variety of food, artesian beverages, such as the Chai tea from Chai High, and of course my favourite hot chocolate from Raw Choco Mama.  Being the festive season, there was a larger than normal crowd at the December market, providing a vast variety of artesian goods for Christmas shoppers.  In the end we sold out of all our LOVE Kombucha, with many people opting for this as an alternative to wine on the Christmas lunch table.  This was a great trend to see.  Our plant cheeses also proved very popular for Christmas lunch shoppers, as an alternative to animal cheese on the cheese plate.

The market at Barao de Sao Joao has become a bit like a family, with regular faces that gather every month.  We drink together, laugh together, trade amongst each other, and support each other’s livelihoods.  It is such a colourful community, and I love connecting and interacting with it.  One of the smartest decisions that we made was to get involved with the local market scene.  A tip for anybody moving to the Algarve from abroad, running a market stall at one of the many charismatic markets around the Algarve, is a great way to integrate into the community.  Not only does one get to meet all the colourful market vendors, who are a wealth of local knowledge, but there is constant exposure to a vast plethora of colourful people from all over the world, who pass through these markets, making it a great place to meet people, connect, network, and become rooted into the local Algarvian community.

Not being that big on ritual celebrations such as Christmas, we decided to mark the “birth of the sun” on the 25 December 2018, with plant based Christmas Lunch, using much of the artesian produce that we create here at Algarvian.Life

STARTER of Xmas lunch 2018

STARTER | Half King trumpet Mushroom seasoned with artesian Lemon Herb Salt (available from Algarvian.Life) roasted in organic coconut oil, served in artesian mustard (available from Algarvian.Life), topped with crunchy roasted organic garlic, accompanied with artesian almond and cashew cheese (available from Algarvian.Life), and artesian bread (from Barao de Sao Joao Hippie Market) cut into hearts.

MAIN COURSE | Mushroom and Mango yogurt curry, made with a variety of whole brown and white shimeji mushrooms, sliced chestnut mushrooms, bean sprouts, onion, mango, garlic, chilli, lime, and artesian vegetal yogurt, made of Kefir cultured coconut milk (available from Algarvian.Life).  Accompanied with fragrant Basmati rice topped with toasted sesame seeds.


DESSERT | Raw chocolate platter with Artesian Ginja (cherry liqueur from a Christmas market in Lagoa) served with a liqueur soaked cherry in chocolate shot glasses |  In this dish I used Raw Snickers bars and Creamy Dreamy squares from Raw Choco Mama –

DRINKS | Gordon’s Pink Gin & Love Kombucha Vanilla  & Love Kombucha Orange Cinnamon

NEW YEAR | This was probably one of the most amazing nights I have experienced here in the Algarve.  A large group of our friends decided to go to Rudolf Strelow’s Pizza Night, which hosted a New Year party, and so we tagged along.  The location of this venue is just beautiful, although I did not have a single piece of pizza, as I was having too much fun, so much fun that I was sick with bronchitis for two weeks afterwards.  None the less, we had an amazing time, as we dance the night away and watched the sun come up on the 1 January 2019.  Despite the cold weather, we did make a point of wondering around the amazing landscape that this venue is located in, and the energy is very powerful there, with a major energy grid flowing through the valley driven by the ancient flowing stream of mountain water.


Winters here are also milder than northern Europe, bringing a fresh wave of people who are trying to escape the harsh winters, although the temperature does drop to below freezing at various points during the Algarvian winter nights.  Although it is a common site to see “holiday makers” in shorts and T-shirts whilst having coffee in the sunshine, the temperature does drop when the sun goes down, or when the wind picks up.  It is important to note that the extremes in temperatures can be difficult for those with a weakened immune system.  There are no shortage of viruses and pathogens in these parts that can make winter a misery for the weak or frail.  And all too often, most people run to the doctor for antibiotics for colds, flu and viral / pathogenic conditions.  Mainstream medicine only treats the symptoms, not the cause.  Of course, having a healthy body and strong immune system is the first prize, and will make one more resistant to illness.  But should a nasty flu virus take hold, one of my key life savers is Colloidal Silver… and I am not joking when I say life savers, having saved my husband’s life no less than two times, using Colloidal Silver when all other medicine had failed him, once for a sever bladder and kidney infection, and once for very severe tick bite fever.  It was during the tick bite fever episode, that I learned how to make my own Colloidal Silver, realising that I would never again be without it, having had first hand experience of just how effective this ancient alchemical remedy is.

Algarvian.Life makes a LUNAR COLLOIDAL SILVER, which is made on the full moon.  As silver is a lunar metal, is reacts to the moon, and is most effective in its healing effects when harnessed into atomic particles during the full moon | 5 Euros per bottle.

Cashew Cheese
NEW! Vegetal Mayo

We are now back in full swing, with fresh batches of plant cheese, probiotic vegan yogurts, and LOVE KOMBUCHA being crafted.

We have some great new items coming out this year, and we start off with our latest artesian product, VEGETAL MAYO, made with raw cashew nuts, olive oil and lemon |  4 euro / jar.

Algarvian.Life artesian produce:

BLACK OLIVE TAPENADE                    5 Euro

MUSTARD                                                4 Euro

CHUNTEY                                                5 Euro

VEGETAL CREAM CHEESE                   5 Euro

VEGETAL YOGURT                                3 Euro

LUNAR COLLOIDAL SILVER                5 Euro


ARTESIAN JAMS                                    4 Euro

LOVE KOMBUCHA                                4 Euro


Algarvian.Life also stocks:

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH                     5 Euro

MONCHIQUE HONEY                           3 Euro


We offer free delivery in the Algarve for large orders | Pre-order and collect at any one of the markets we attend

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