Earth Shop & Cafe in Carvoeiro

ALGARVIAN.LIFE reviews EARTH SHOP & CAFE in Carvoeiro – This has to be by far one of my favourite spots to hang out, relax or get some inspiration.  The choice of colours and fresh clean lines of the interior render forth a fusion of retro chic and local Algarvian style.  The walls are tasteful decorated in beautiful artworks, and some are purchasable.  The shop is spacious and bright, located in the central area, and has a stylish and beautifully selected range of locally produced products, including teas, salts, spices, tinned fish, chocolates, nut butters, wines, liqueurs, candles, soaps and delicacies of all kinds, many benefiting from unique, eye catching packaging.

The layout of this venue is well designed, bright and fresh, with dining area located along the massive windows that overlook a unique view of the Carvoeiro landscape, with the  ocean in the background.

Cream Tea with a view @ Earth Shop & Cafe

The menu is simplistically layed out, being printed on brown paper, and lists an interesting variety of delicious dishes.  Being a lover of tea, I regularly pop in to purchase my Rooibos Tea here, as they have a vast selection of teas from across the world.  I am also fond of EARTH SHOP & CAFE’S Cream Tea, served with fresh scones, and a trio of butter, fresh cream and choice of jams.  They serve their tea in beautifully crafted tea pots called a “Whistler”, which is a fusion of pottery and cork, made to the local style.  I loved them so much that I purchased one for my tea at home.

Grilled Goat’s Cheese Salad @ Earth Shop & Cafe



For comfort food or all day breakfasts, EARTH SHOP & CAFE provide a satisfying variety of quality dishes, including one of my favourite breakfasts comfort dishes, Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce.

For something healthier, the Grilled Goat’s Cheese Salad is most satisfying, being made from beetroot, oranges and topped with walnuts.

As great as the overall experience of EARTH SHOP & CAFE may be, there is one definitive factor that won my heart for good as a loyal returning customer, and that is their Vegan Brownie.  Brownies have always been a favourite of mine since childhood, and my mother had the best recipe I have ever tasted, but indeed, there is a lot of butter and eggs that go into traditional Brownies.  Wishing to swop out animal products for vegetal options where ever possible, I was delighted to find that EARTH SHOP & CAFE cater for Vegans, with a satisfying variety of options.

After a chill out session over tea and scones overlooking the ocean, make sure to try out the sample table on the way out the door.  There are always tempting and delicious treats displayed for sampling.

ALGARVIAN.LIFE highly recommends EARTH SHOP & CAFE as a place to eat, shop and relax.  It is a true jewel in the popular Algarvian beach town of Carvoeiro, with good vibes, friendly service and a conscious approach to food.  What more could you ask for.





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