Domingos Prata & Mel Ve on Beach Farm

BEACH FARM COMMUNITY – Far from the madding crowd, nestled on the main road from Lagoa to Faro, is the Beach Farm Community, located on an old wine farm owned by the Prata family for over 100 years.  Having inherited this old farm, Domingos Prata has set about the task of turning this traditional Algarvian farm, into a self sustaining, bio-dynamic utopian dream.  This is a big project, as the main farm house building is in need of much repairing and renovating, and there is a vast space of land that is in need of terraforming, in order to make this farm into the inspiring space envisioned by Domingos.

Balancing the preservation of cultural heritage, whilst embracing cutting edge operational modalities, is a constant challenge, but the intention is to create an environment that draws those who seek a better way of being, in alignment with nature.


Beach Farm Community at work on renovations




Domingos Prata, candidate for Vamos Amar Lagoa in 2017 National Elections

Being an outspoken human rights activist, Domingos Prata is very active within the local community in Lagoa, having run for elections as a candidate representing Carvoeiro and Lagoa, in the 2017 national elections in Portugal.  With a unique humanitarian outlook, Domingos’s plan is to create a self sustaining farm that will function in a variety of interesting ways.  There are some big plans for the vast space occupied by Beach Farm, which Domingos hopes will serve the community on many levels.

Benagil sea caves

Beach Farm is less than 5 kilometres from Praia da Marinha, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve.  Other popular beaches that are close by include Carvoeiro, Armacao de Pera and Benagil, where you can swim to the famous sea caves.  Indeed, Beach Farm benefits from it’s superb location, being in the heart of the most beautiful stretch of the Algarvian coastline.

Conscious Consumer Network – Independent Media

In July 2017, the team behind Conscious Consumer Network joined Domingos to assist in the creation of the Beach Farm Community, from where several humanitarian initiatives are now running.  There has been much work going on, as the entire farm is redesigned to facilitate the proposed Beach Farm Market & Cafe.

The Algarve has recently benefited from a much needed upgrading of the roads, providing economic infrastructure to the region.  New roads and roundabouts have created an opportunity to expand the infrastructure of Beach Farm, opening up a much needed area for parking space, to the proposed venue once it has been renovated and restored.

LOVE Kombucha

Beach Farm benefits from an abundance of almond and fig trees, and some delicious olive trees, which provide tasty fruits of the earth, fresh from the farm, at various intervals throughout the year.  There are also plenty of pomegranates, oranges and other vegetables growing on this farm.  In recent months, more land has been prepared to grow fruit and vegetables for the Beach Farm Community.

For now Beach Farm is producing amazing farm made products, such as vegan dishes, cakes, tarts and deserts, and our signature product, our health elixir, LOVE Kombucha.  To sample the ever expanding product range from the Beach Farm Community, visit us at the monthly market in Barão de São João, or order from us via our email:

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