Silves night market | 13 June 2018

ALGARVIAN.LIFE VEGETAL CREAM CHEESE | Launch at Silves Night Market | article by Algarvian.Life editor Mel Ve | The spring sure did seem to drag on with an unusually cold towarmish climate for the beginning of June, which moved to uncomfortably cold in the wind, and when it got overcast, which it did rather frequently this spring… that was until Wednesday 13 June 2018, which saw summer come in with full force.  This also happened to be the day of the Silves night market which has a monthly appearance for 3 months, from June to August.

 stall at Silves night market

Heat plus logistical issues made this market challenging, but it was certainly worth it.  Silves Municipality really did a fantastic job of creating an amazing atmosphere, as well as providing a wide variety of traditional and local entertainment.

Beach Farm was located inside the main market hall, which was very colourfully decorated in a floral theme.  The endless flowery accents, lighting and and live performances, turned this historical landmark into a festive delight.

Vegetal Cream Cheese



It was great to see how much people enjoyed our newest product, being ALGARVIAN.LIFE Vegetal Cream Cheese, which is made from a naturally fermented vegetal cream, and contains no colorants, or artificial flavours.  ALGARVIAN.LIFE Vegetal Cream Cheese is available in four different flavours, being Piri Piri, Garlic Herb, Citrus Sage and Honey Mustard.

COST:  4 Euros per 210 ml jar

 VEGETAL CREAM CHEESE | Honey Mustard | Garlic Herb | Piri Piri

ALGARVIAN.LIFE Vegetal Cream Cheese contains live bacterial cultures, and is beneficial for the gut and intestinal flora of the body.  As the co founder and Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network, we aim to create delicious food that is also good for your body.  We actively encourage the reduction of animal based foods by providing healthy vegetal options to some of our favourite foods such as yogurt and cream cheese.


LOVE Kombucha

Especially for the floral theme of this market, Beach Farm produced a special flavour of LOVE Kombucha, being Pomegranate & Rose Petals, which was the best selling flavour of LOVE Kombucha at this market.  New summer flavours include Cherry, Mixed Berry and Strawberry Mint.

ALGARVIAN.LIFE Vegetal Yogurt continues to grow in popularity and comes in a 210 ml jar for 3 Euros.  Beach Farm have now launched an EXTRA CREAMY version of our Vegetal Yogurt for 4 Euros per 210 ml jar.

Beach Farm artisan produce





ALGARVIAN.LIFE have recently harvest wild mustard, and produced a limited range of salad dressings made from Monchique wild flower honey, and wild mustard, which is blended with coconut water and vinegar.

ALGARVIAN.LIFE continue to expand the range of seasonings, condiments, sauces and dressings, as ingredients become available to us.

We ALGARVIAN.LIFE are looking forward to the bountiful harvest that this summer will bring, and we promise to share those treats with you at markets across the Algarve.

Check out the amazing pictures of this market on the Mercado Municipal de Silves Facebook page

Photography by Sophia Heath





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