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CARVOEIRO BLACK & WHITE 2018 | Algarvian.Life review | Article by Mel Ve | If anybody is planning a trip to the Algarve, it is always a great idea to do a bit of research into the amazing festivals and events that go on throughout the summer season, or you may just miss out on the best party of your life.  Truly one of the best parties I have ever been to, CARVOEIRO BLACK & WHITE is one to add to the “things one must do in the Algarve” list.

CARVOEIRO BLACK & WHITE is an annual epic outdoor party which takes place in the streets and on the Carvoeiro beach front, with many staging areas scattered all over this picturesque beach town, combining to create a night you will never forget.


Once a quiet little fishing village on the Algarvian coast line, Carvoeiro has become a popular holiday destination, which is particularly favoured by the Dutch.  This awesome little town boasts a vast variety of entertainment, from Irish pubs, to Karaoke bars, to gentleman’s clubs (strip clubs), and some disco dancing venues.  There is a vast variety of foods to choose from, from traditional regional cuisine, to Indian, Italian, Chinese food, top steak houses and funky cafes.  There are also a vast variety of shops and stylish boutiques, with a little bit so something for everybody.  For those with mobility issues, very young or elderly, the beach is easy to access, which is rare in the Algarve, as many beaches are only accessible via stairs that descend the famous Algarvian cliffs.  It is one of my favourite places to spend a day on the beach, and when you visit you will see why, as it is truly beautiful, being of the most photographed places in the Algarve.

CARVOEIRO BLACK & WHITE night happens once a year, with tens of thousands of people taking to the streets of Carvoeiro to enjoy the amazing spectacle and entertainment.  It is a truly magnificent effort that takes much organisation and co-ordination, with several events happening at once over many different staging areas.  The streets and beach front area of Carvoeiro was packed with party goers, some of whom had flown in from all over the world just for this most magnificent party.  Musicians, live bands and DJ’s played out the night, with the climax being an epic fireworks display.

CARVOEIRO BLACK & WHITE 2018 took place on 16 June, only a few day before the summer solstice, being the longest day and shortest night of the year, hence the theme BLACK & WHITE, which commemorate NIGHT & DAY or DARK & LIGHT.  The solstice has been marked and commemorated for thousands of years in the form of ritual festivals and celebrations, and CARVOEIRO BLACK & WHITE is just such a ritual festival in honour of the sun’s movement across the sky, which reaches it’s peak at the summer solstice, and thus, this ritual festival was complete with all the relevant DARK / LIGHT symbolism such as street performers dressed up as angels and demons.  The entire event was laden with all the symbolic expression that is associated with solstice rituals, which have been celebrated at this time of year for thousands of years by many cultures across the world.  However CARVOEIRO BLACK & WHITE is executed with a refreshing modern twist, masqueing the true symbolic cult origin of such ritual festivities to the majority of those who attended the event.  But one need only look at the various ritual performers and performances to see all the nuances of this time honoured ritual celebrating the sun’s journey across the sky.

Ritual | Solstice LIGHT & DARK / BLACK & WHITE | performances in celebration of the SUN


To learn more about ritual and occult symbolism, please reference my DRAGONOLOGY body of work.

Everything from the staging to lighting effect was positively breath taking, and the choice of music was great.  We spent most of the night dancing on the beach sand.  When 3am came, we were really saddened to have to end such an epic party, as we were ushered off the streets by GNR and security services, but we look forward to next year’s BLACK & WHITE, as this is one event that I would hate to miss.

A big thank you to Lagoa Municipality for putting on this impressive event.

Mel Ve & Biggi at Carvoeiro Black & White 2018




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