FAVA 2019 | Review by Algarvian.Life editor Mel Ve | The first time I went to Loulé  after arriving in the Algarve, was to attend FAVA 2018.  Needless to say that I was so impressed with the turn out and the organisation of the event, that I knew I had to participate in FAVA 2019 which happened on the 18 & 19 July 2019.

Educating consumers

Algarvian.Life has partipated in many events since it’s inception, from the famous and controversial Barão de São João monthly market, to Lagoa Bio, to the Silves Night Market, to the Eco Schools Summit… but of all the events that Algarvian.Life has been a part of, none impressed me more than FAVA.

The venue for this year’s event had changed from the previous year, and was much bigger and intimate in the layout, with far more exhibits, stalls and interactive happenings across the board.  It was obvious that much time and effort had gone into creating this event. From start to finish, the organisation of this event was fantastic.  The communication in the run up to the event was seamless, with information being provided in a timely manner, and matters being dealt with in an efficient way.  No offence intended to the other events that happen in the Algarve, but myself being someone who is really organised, being from a first world level of efficiency, I have always struggled with the laxidasical way in which everything happens in the Alglarve, often playfully referenced as “Algarvian Time”, which is a commonly accepted state of haphazard carelessness and tardiness in which most things happen here in the Algarve.  Indeed, most events we have attended are often lacking in organisation and efficiency.  Having lived and worked in London and The Hague for two decades combined, I have developed a high standard of organisation which is required in order to operate in fast paced societies.  Efficiency and clear, timely communication is something that I value very highly, as it shows conscious appreciation and respect to all parties involved in the the creation of any project or event.  Needless to say that the organisers of FAVA, took this event seriously, operating at a first world level of efficiency, and for that I applaud them.  How utterly refreshing!

The event itself was beautifully put together, with something for everyone.  There were areas set up for educational lectures, vegan food restaurants, amazing stalls selling fabulous food and conscious consumer orientated produce and products, and even a fairy garden littered with bean bags, jumping castle, fairytale decorations, and minders dressed up in fantasy costumes, to keep the kids entertained.  A lot of thought went into every aspect of how to make this event appeal to everyone.  Even the entertainment was well selected, with fantastic live performances, which included my discovery of my new favourite band, Os Compotas. 

Artesian plant based cheese

Algarvian.Life was fortunate enough to have our stall situated between the stage and the fairy garden, ensuring a steady flow of people coming past our stall and sampling our produce, which included our Lunar Colloidal Silver, our ever popular Love Kombucha which we served chilled and which was much sought after in the mid summer heat, Vegetal Yogurts made with coconut milk and cultured with Kefir, our range of plant based cheese, including Vegetal Cream Cheese and Cashew Cheese in various flavours…Needless to say, we sold out of our vegan cheeses, which was by far the most popular and sought after item to those attending.

Tasting Menu

As a sampling dish we served tortillas filled with Orange and Spring Onion flavoured Cashew Cheese, black tip roasted sweet onions, which were accompanied with various artesian pickles and olives.

Despite the the sweltering heat, the atmosphere was fantastic, and the vendors belonging to stalls besides ours, were all super awesome.  It was great to meet new friends with a common purpose, and share time and space with them.  But even more amazing, was to see the the vast turn out of people who attended over both nights.  There was interest from people of all walks of life, some vegan, some transitioning vegans, and those who are considering he vegan pursuit, whilst seeking out plant based alternatives to replace some of their favourite treats.

Mel Ve talking to members of the Executive Team for Loulé city hall

Algarvian.Life was honoured to be greeted by the Executive team of Loulé city hall.  I spoke with Carlos Carmo who is responsible for the green projects and environmental strategies, and they were impressed with our stall, noticing and commented on how all our packaging is “plastic free”, recyclable and / or biodegradable, which is a conscious strategy we try to follow with everything we do.  Algarvian.Life was invited by Carlos Carmo to open up a business in Loulé, which was really appreciated.

Algarvian.Life was so proud to have participated in this event, which champions a cause that is very close to our hearts, and forms the foundational principles upon which this and other projects, such as our humanitarian Conscious Consumer Network, are built.  Considering how humble the first FAVA event was which happened in 2018, FAVA 2019 is one that we have enjoyed far beyond any other event we have ever participated in.  On every level, it was just awesome!  Well done to the organisers, and participants for coming together on our common ground of healing the world one bit at a time.  It was a true honour to have been a part of this, and we look forward to the next one.

Thank you FAVA from Biggi & Mel of Algarvian.Life


Mel Ve

Algarvian.Life Editor & Product Creator

Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network

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