FAVA | Vegan Festival in Loule | Algarvian.Life reviews | article by Editor Mel Ve – As the Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network, we are always encouraging people to be conscious about what they consume.  It is great to see so many amazing markets and festivals all over the Algarve that are actively encouraging of this pursuit.

FAVA is the latest of the conscious consumer festivals to make it’s way onto the scene in the Algarve, and a good thing that is too, as there are so many food festivals in this beautiful part of the world.  It is about time the Vegan community be represented and catered to with such events.  This is the first FAVA Vegan Food Festival, and is held in the historical market town of Loule on 25 | 26 July 2018.

FAVA offered up a number of interesting food stalls, all serving up animal free artisan produce, and what a delight that was too.  However I did feel that what was on offer was rather limited, and not a true reflection of just how much variety exists in the Vegan pursuit, however I am hopeful that FAVA will grow.  Considering how small and limited the stalls and food offerings were, there was still a good turn out of people, which shows the growing trent towards animal free diets.  Indeed, going Vegan is the fastest growing trent in the world, as many realise the health benefits and get educated on the environmental impact of meat and dairy production.  The energy of the people that attended was as you can expect, friendly and warm, with several people bringing their animals.

Learning how to eat in a better way is a crucial aspect to a happy and healthy life, and I truly admire  and respect the Vegan pursuit.  I have been toying with the idea of going completely Vegan for several years now.  I largely avoid animal products where ever possible, and have managed to largely eliminate dairy from my diet.  We support the Vegan community of the Algarve by selling VEGETAL CREAM CHEESE and VEGETAL YOGURT at various artesian markets across the Algarve.

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We at Algarvian.Life look forward to more such events, which are necessary in order to educate the mass populace into creating a better quality of life for themselves, being kinder to the environment, and the beautiful animals of this Earth.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve








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