GLAMPING: BOHO CHIQUE HOLIDAY in the Western Algarve | by Algarvian.Life editor Mel Ve | Having travelled the world, and having stayed in every possible kind of establishment, I often get bored of hotels, which  often all look and feel the same.  Indeed, during my years when I travelled internationally for business, I would often call reception upon waking, to ask them what country or city I was in, as the generic rooms just seem to feel the same from one to the next, no matter the country I was visiting.  I also found that staying in hotels and resorts, really does cut one off to the atmosphere and energetics of the environment, which is then only really appreciated when one leaves the hotel.

Having been raised in a family that only ever did 5 star hotels and resorts, I was never introduced to camping until much later in life, when I went back packing through Europe, and although this can be fun, I do find myself missing the touches of luxury to which I had become accustomed such as a comfortable bed.

But then came GLAMPING… For anybody unfamiliar with the term, GLAMPING is GLAMOROUS CAMPING!


One of the fastest growing trends in the travel and holiday market is GLAMPING, which is like camping, but in style.  Living in the Algarve, I have become acutely aware that there is no shortage of luxury resorts and villas to stay at during one’s time in this beautiful part of the world.  However, many holiday makers never truly experience the energy and ambience of the Algarve once they step foot inside their luxury hotel or villa.  But if one truly wants to experience the Algarve in a truly unique and beautiful way, GLAMPING is the way to do it.

One of the best GLAMPING spots I have come across is in the colourful village of Barão de São João, which is close to the bustling port of Lagos.  This GLAMPING site is owned and run by Dani La Roo, a woman with a unique sense of style and creativity, which is reflected in this amazing space, which is complete with beautifully rendered artistic touches.

GLAMPING is a great way to combine luxury with the great outdoors, as there is so much to enjoy in the local area, from the authentic Portuguese villages, to the rugged West coast and it’s spectacular beaches, amazing sunsets and an epic canopy of stars on a clear night.  The local area also hosts an interesting array of people, with a number of yoga venues and vegan options available locally.  And if one wants to indulge your sweet tooth, Dani makes the best raw chocolates treats in the Algarve.



Prices range from €55 – €75 per tent per night.  Each tent has a double bed.

Discount available for longer bookings


PHONE / WhatsApp |  00351 925377351 (from outside Portugal)





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