LOVE Kombucha flavoured with Summer Fruits

LAGOA BIO MARKET to feature BEACH FARM ARTESIAN PRODUCE – As it starts to warm up, so to does our local bio market begin it’s annual cycle.  The Lagoa Bio Market happens on the last Saturday of the month, and the Beach Farm Community will be making our debut at Lagoa Bio on 31 March 2018, which is the first Bio Market for the year to take place in the heart of Lagoa town centre.

To celebrate our participation in Lagoa Bio, the Beach Farm Community has launched a new flavour of LOVE KOMBUCHA, being SUMMER FRUITS, which comes in a pink colour, and sells for 3 euros for a 750ml bottle.

Orange & Cinnamon
Apple & Mint
Honey & Chilli
Tangerine & Mint
Lemon & Ginger
Honey & Cinnamon
Lemon & Lime
Summer Fruits  NEW!
Beach Farm Vegan Yogurt


The Beach Farm Community will also be serving up delicious farm made VEGAN YOGURT with fruit salad cups.  For those interested in taking some BEACH FARM VEGAN YOGURT home with them, they are sold in 200ml jars for 3 euros each.

For our health, for the environment, and for the animals, we need to reduce the consumption of animal based products.  If you just want to cut down on animal products by substituting for delicious, healthy plant based alternatives, BEACH FARM VEGAN YOGURT is a versatile products that can be used in many ways.  There will be a variety of products made with BEACH FARM VEGAN YOGURT available to taste test, should anybody be considering the vegan pursuit.

Come and visit the Beach Farm Community at LagoaBio, and try out some of our artesian produce.  Funding raised goes towards supporting various humanitarian causes and local development.

To place an order for Beach Farm Community artesian produce, email us at:





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