Mel Ve at the Lagoa Wine Show 2018

LAGOA WINE SHOW | Algarvian.Life review | article by Mel Ve | Being a lover of food and drink festivals, I could not resist but pop into the Lagoa Wine show which ran from 29 June – 1 July 2018.

Despite the rain which came down on the first night, we managed to sample a few wines whilst being soaked by uncharacteristic summer showers.  Despite the weather, the event was really enjoyable, so much so that we came back for a second round on the last night, which was much dryer, and thus, we managed to get a more thorough sample of the best wines that Portugal has to offer.

Flanking the main street up the heart of Lagoa town centre, which I call the “red road”, were neatly laid out stalls hosting wines from all over Portugal.  The sheer scale and variety of Portuguese wines was truly astonishing, with something for all palates.  There was pink wine, there was blue wine, there was wine in cans called FLUTT, there was moscatel, there was port… indeed, the variety was rather inspiring.  Even I as a seasoned wine connoisseur was super impressed at the sheer scale and variety of wines that are produced here in Portugal.

The entertainment was also excellent, with live cooking demonstrations and wonderful live musical performances set over 3 different stages, boasting some amazing talent.  As always at such events, there was Fado being sung, which is a very dramatic and soulful style of Portuguese song.  One powerful performance came from a flower covered balcony above the street, adding to the romantic and dramatic effect of this evening filled with wine and song.

As is characteristically paired with wine, we found a plethora of wonderful delicacies to sample, including chocolate covered strawberries and a superb platter comprising of a mixture of various fried chouriço.  It was wonderful to see so many artesian producers bringing their goods to such an event.  My favourite indulgence of the night was the duck liver compote which sold for 15 euros, along with a number of other great potted delicacies that make a perfect pairing for wine.  I also got thoroughly acquainted with bean cake, which is surprisingly sweet and really delicious.

But is was the Ginja cherry liqueur in edible chocolate shot glasses, that kept me going back for more.  This is truly one of my favourite things about the Algarve, that you can always find liqueurs being served in chocolate shot glasses at most festivals and events.  The best part is that this indulgence usually costs only 1 euro a shot, and there is a few different types of artesian liqueur to choose from, making return visits absolutely necessary.

Lagoa Wine Show 2018 was a very well organised event.  Lagoa Municipality have pulled together a truly memorable occasion of song and wine.  The entire event was truly enjoyable, and for a mere 3 Euro cost for a Lagoa Wine Show branded wine glass, and wine tasting tokens, this event is truly great value for money, and well worth putting on the “to do” list, particularly if you are a lover of good food and excellent wine.



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