MARKET FEVER – For the past decade, I have spent most of my time behind computers and cameras, presenting, interviewing, filming, editing and writing, all of which are conduits for my humanitarian activities. My recent move to the Algarve, where we have co created the Beach Farm Community, has given me the chance to explore my other passions and talents, being the Product Creator for the Beach Farm Community.  What is even more awesome, is the amazing market venues all over the Algarve, where one can sell artisan produce.  Being a conscious consumer and avid chef, I have created a range products for sale at markets, which are in alignment with the ethics of Conscious Consumer Network.

We were delighted to take part in LagoaBio on 31 March 2018, which kicked off the market season here in Lagoa.  LagoaBio happens on the last Saturday of the month, from March to October, and takes place right in the heart of Lagoa, on what has become known as the Red Road.

Video of first LagoaBio 2018

The Red Road in Lagoa, location of LagoaBio

The first LagoaBio of 2018 was an amazing experience to be a part of.  There was music, crafts, food and good weather, which is a lucky at this time of year.  I would like to personally thank Marco, the main point of contact and organiser of LagoaBio, as he did a wonderful job co-ordinating the event.   I would also like to thank the Lagoa Municipality for their support in creating this market.  Market vendors were given Lagoa branded shopping bags, for us to give to customers when they purchased our goods, which I thought was a really lovely touch.  Vendors were also given Lagoa branded note pad and pencil, for them to keep track of sales, which along with the branded shopping bags, showed that much thought had gone into creating point of sale branded items that served a practical purpose.

Fresh fruit salad with Beach Farm Vegan Yogurt

The Beach Farm Community had the great fortune of being situated right next to the live cooking demonstration, in front of the indoor municipal market.  We were serving fresh fruit salad tossed with chopped garden mint, served in a edible bowl, and topped with our Beach Farm Vegan Yogurt and fresh raspberry sauce.




LOVE Kombucha in 8 delicious flavours



The Beach Farm Community‘s special blend LOVE Kombucha proved ever popular, which was encouraging to see the growing awareness for such health elixirs.

Beach Farm Honey, Vegan Yogurt and Chilli Herb Oil

Considering the market was relatively small, we were delighted by the public participation, and the interest in our products was very encouraging.  It was great to meet other market vendors, all of which seemed to be really friendly and happy to be there.  We do look forward to seeing LagoaBio growing.  The Beach Farm Community aim to bring a new, conscious, healthy product, to each LagoaBio market throughout 2018, as we expand our product range.


Mel Ve – artist and Beach Farm product creator





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