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The Algarve is abundant with beautiful produce, from amazing oranges, to the most delicious tomatoes found anywhere, to the amazing figs, almonds and many other varieties of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices that thrive in the Algarvian climate. As with all the produce we create, we aim to capture the essence of the land and lifestyle that the Algarve provides, by creating an extensive condiment range that compliments and enhances the taste experience of the Algarvian foodie. As with all our produce, there is absolutely no artificial colours, preservatives and enhances, only natural ingredients. We source as much as we can locally, and the range changes with the seasonal availability.

EPIC KETCHUP | 5 Euros / 210ml | Made from a delicious mixture of the Algarve’s finest produce, this delicious tomato based sauce is sweetened with oranges, and adorned with a selection of spices.

CHUTNEY | 6 Euros / 210ml | An item that continues to evolve, our different varieties of chutney change with the season, depending on what fruits we are able to source.

CASHEW MAYO | 6 Euro / 210ml | Made from Cashew Nuts and good quality olive oil, this delicious condiment is tangy like may, whilst crossing the boundary between mayonnaise and nut butter. A delicious rich addition to any sandwich, salad or baked potato. Use it as a dip, a topping, a smear or a sauce.

CASHEW AIOLI | 6 Euros / 210ml | Made from Cashew Nuts, good quality olive oil and a generous helping of garlic. This plant based condiment is based on traditional garlic mayonnaise, whilst having that additional richness of nut butter.

MARIE ROSE | 6 Euros / 210ml | A flavour packed tangy pink sauce, made from Cashew, tomato and garlic. Use as a dressing, topping or dip.

BBQ SAUCE | 6 Euro / 210ml | Made from selected summer fruits, and blended with an enticing blend of herbs and spices, our BBQ sauce can be used as a marinade, dip or topping.

HOT MUSTARD | 6 Euro / 210ml | A special blend of olive oil and mustard seed, into a rich smooth mustard, which presents a bite and distinctly tart note. Perfect on sandwiches, as a marinade or dip.

SWEET MUSTARD & HERBS / GRAVAD LAX SAUCE | 6 Euros / 210ml | A perfect accompaniment to smoked delicacies, as a dressing or a topping. The heat and sweet aspect create a fantastic combination of flavours

SALAD DRESSINGS | 6 Euro / 210ml | Based on seasonal produce, dressings flavours vary according to availability. Stable favourites include Sweet Mustard, Pomegranate Vinigrette, Garlic Herb Cashew Creme.

SAUERKRAUT | 6 Euros / 210ml | Made from fermented vegetables, and packed with health enhancing probiotics, we make various flavours depending on what is in season.

PICKLES | 6 Euros / 210ml | Artesian pickles made from a variety local produce. Made with our special blend of herbs and spices.

MUSHROOM COMPOTE | 6 Euros / 210ml | Made from several different types of mushroom, including both brown and white shimeji mushrooms, and Portabello mushrooms. Flavoured in a creamy onion, and citrus sauce. Served perfectly as part of a tapas selection, on toast, as a topping on potatoes, pasta, or chips.

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