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Our probiotic produce is some of the most popular items that we make here at Algarvian.Life, especially our different types of cheeses, which are delicious and nutritious, being completely plant-based.

TYPES OF NUT CHEESE | Depending on what is available, usually we use Cashew, but we also use Almond nuts when in season. There are many recipes online for making Plant-based Nut Cheese, many involving a lengthily list of ingredients, some of which are expensive and hard to come by. Many recipes will suggest using ingredients such as Agar Agar for setting, (in place of gelatine) and nutritional yeast, which although providing a semi cheesy flavour, does not really contain active probiotics, and can be expensive and hard to come by.

CULTURING | All of Algarvian.Life cultured products, from our Vegetal Yogurts, our cheese and our Kombucha, are made with live cultures, slow cultured in small batches to ensure maximum quality monitoring. The high variety of probiotic strains produced from Kefir cultured products, creates a unique flavour whilst being one of the healthiest foods you can eat, being full of multi level functioning nutrients obtained from live culture probiotics.

CURING | Following the culturing process, ALGARVIAN.LIFE PROBIOTIC NUT CHEESE is cured with, Pink Himalayan Salt (PHS) which is one of the most beneficial, as well as the cleanest salt available on the planet today. It is also the most alkalising food additive one can use, with all kinds of nutritional and therapeutic properties. PHS contains over 84 minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron. PHS has been said to improve respiratory problems, balance the body’s pH, aid in digestion but to name a few amazing benefits of this ancient salt.

FLAVOURING | All ALGARVIAN.LIFE PROBIOTIC NUT CHEESE is flavoured with carefully selected natural ingredients. Each of our flavours have been chosen to carefully blend creating distinctive but satisfying flavours. There is absolutely no preservatives, colorants or artificial additives.

PRICING | All ALGARVIAN.LIFE PROBIOTIC NUT CHEESE is sold in half Kilo rounds, and range between 20 to 25 Euros, depending on flavour choices. Flavours are subject to the availability of ingredients, which are seasonal, and may vary in price.
Flavours include:

Pink Peppercorns
Piri Piri
Orange Zest
Lemon Pepper
Orange Sage
Orange Wasabi

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