RAW CHOCO MAMA  healthy chocolate treats by Dani

RAW CHOCO MAMA | Algarvian.Life reviews Dani’s healthy artisan chocolate treats | article by Algarvian.Life editor Mel Ve | I am a chocoholic… no let me rephrase that, I am a chronic chocoholic.  My chocolate addiction has been with me since early childhood, and indeed, it is my treat of choice.

Having lived and travelled to a number of different countries, I have had the chance to sample some of the very best chocolate around.  I have spent days hopping from one Brugge chocolatier to the next, indulging in the many types and flavours of chocolate in top Belgian chocolate shops.  Having spent several months living and working in Zurich, Switzerland, I have done the chocolate scene there, and the boutique chocolate shops are absolutely exquisite, as are their chocolatey treats.

It was in the Netherlands that I discovered raw chocolate for the first time.  Raw chocolate may take some time to adjust to if one is used to dairy and sugar based chocolate / candy bars.  However, there is a perfect middle ground that I discovered recently, and I may never eat a store bought chocolate again.

Meet Dani, a chocolatier based in Vila do Bispo, which is on the western part of the Algarve.  Going under the trade name RAW CHOCO MAMA, I discovered Dani’s amazing raw chocolate creations at the Barão de São João Market after she located herself right next to us.  With immediate effect, I became addicted to Dani’s raw chocolatey creations, which are dairy free, and created with healthy sugar substitutes such as coconut sugar or honey.

Being the co-founder and Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network, I was delighted to find healthy chocolate treats, made with love, by a beautiful soul.  Being a conscious consumer, I always encourage people to support artisan producers such as RAW CHOCO MAMA.

RAW CHOCO MAMA at Barão de São João Market

For those wishing to indulge in the amazing artisan chocolate treats on offer by RAW CHOCO MAMA, visit the Barão de São João Market on the fourth Sunday of every month.

For more about Dani’s amazing raw chocolate, visit her website at rawchocomama.com


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