SHAMBAWEAR TRIBAL WEAR | Algarvian.Life profiles talented designer Karina Shakakow | article by Algarvian.Life editor Mel Ve | Having had a long and varied background in media, including working as a professional model in London, as well as a Fashion Stylist and Art Director for some of the most recognised brand names in the world including Coca Cola, very little these days impresses me when it comes to fashion.  I have seen it all at some point.  Indeed, most High Street fashion outlets are just repetitious, as they all copy designs from big name designers and each other, resulting in very little that is impressive, inspiring, new or unique.  Now days, you will very seldom find me actively going shopping in a big mall or along busy shopping boulevards, for this very reason.  The lack of originality is super depressing, which is why I now opt for my artistic fashion inspiration from young independent designers that can be found mostly at artisan markets.

Karina Shakakow

Introducing Karina Shakakow, a talented  young designer based in the Algarve, who creates an amazing range of tribal inspired clothes under the label SHAMBAWEAR.

The first time I met Karina was at a New Year’s party held at the infamous Friday Happiness Pizza Party in Monchique, where Karina and her partner run a market stall.  Having purchased a beautiful shell pendant from Karina’s stall, she began to tell me about her fashion line, as well as giving me tips about the market scene and where to shop in the Algarve.  But it was not until I saw Karina’s clothes displayed at Barão de São João Market, that I fell in love with her funky tribal wear.

Not only is Karina a talented artist and amazing designer, but a truly beautiful free spirited soul, and it has been so awesome getting to know her and her family, who travel with her to the various markets where she sells her designer tribal wear.

SHAMAWEAR – mid calf 3/4 length cut and braided leggings
SHAMAWEAR – full length cut and braided leggings


I am such a fan of SHAMAWEAR TRIBAL WEAR, that I have now purchased a pair of SHAMBAWEAR leggings every time we see Karina at the  Barão de São João Market, and every time I wear any of them, people always tell me how much they like them.

The best thing about SHAMBAWEAR leggings, is they so perfectly suit the Algarvian climate, as they are have breathable patches where the leggings are braided, so that even when it gets stinking hot, SHAMBAWEAR leggings are perfectly comfortable.  SHAMBAWEAR leggings go perfectly under a tunic or even a short dress, giving any outfit that funky, tribal edge.


Being the co founder and Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network, and thus being a conscious consumer, I always support up and coming designers and artists, rather than wasting resources on bland, mass market apparel.  We need to empower those artistic visionaries who create inspiring and practical products to the world.

Beautiful, well made fashion need not cost you a designer fee.  At between 25 to 35 euros per pair of leggings, Karina’s designs are excellent value for money.





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