SPRING HAS SPRUNG… NOW THE FUN BEGINS – Having settled in the Algarve in July 2017, it has been a real challenged to adjust to the extremes of weather here on the Atlantic coast.  From relentlessly hot and dry summers, to a full month of downpours and gail force winds in March, we have certainly been given a taste of the Algarvian climate in all it’s aspects.

Beach Farm Community at Barão de São João Market in March 2018

The last of the fading winter storms was experienced in an epic fashion, as we attended our favourite monthly market at Barão de São João.  Through epic downpours and strong winds, not to mention a generous lashing of muddiness, the Beach Farm Community troopered on at the market.   Armed with rubber boots and a positive attitude, all vendors made the market happen which actually turned out to be rather fun, despite all the weather related challenges we had to overcome.

We were delighted to see so many people taking an interest in our delicious and healthy LOVE KOMBUCHA, which comes in seven different flavours, as many people came back for second and third bottles after cracking theirs open.  We were also complimented on how reasonably priced LOVE KOMBUCHA is at only 3 euros per 750ml bottle.

This market also saw the launch of Beach Farm‘s delicious VEGAN YOGURT, made with raw, organic coconut cream, and slow fermented in small batches.  There are absolutely no thickeners, additives and preservatives added to Beach Farm‘s VEGAN YOGURT.  When served chilled, Beach Farm‘s VEGAN YOGURT is thick and creamy like Greek style yogurt, only much more delicious, with the added benefit of being a plant based product.

Having hit spring equinox and seen the times adjusted for day light savings, it seems that spring has finally sprung and now it is time for clearing land and planting food, as we gear up for what is sure to be an epic summer of sun, fun and love.

The Beach Farm Community remain dedicated to the creation of conscious, healthy foods and products, and we hope to be opening the BEACH FARM COMMUNITY MARKET in the coming months.

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