THE VEGAN PURSUIT – Being a big time animal lover, I engage consumption with a conscious attitude, meaning I am a conscious animal product avoider.  I hate to use terms such as VEGAN, because I always feel that I am letting the cause down when I do happen to do my business meetings over a Pastel de Nata.  But I am fully aware of the health benefits of a largely plant based diet, and I am committed to the vegan pursuit, as I truly grasp the big picture benefit of going vegan.

Vegan Mango coconut cream cake with almond and hazelnut crust
Vegan Strawberry coconut cream cake with Oreo biscuit crust

As the creator of Conscious Kitchen, I am always looking for healthier food choices, sustainably sourced, and locally produced where ever possible.  With my move to the warmer climate of the Algarve, so too came my decisions to finally commit to finding vegan options for my favourite treats.  This has been no easy task, but with a little experimentation, we have managed to pretty much eliminate the need to use animal products, having developed completely plant based creamy cakes and tarts.

Going Vegan may seem a daunting prospect to fellow food lovers, as it may seem like it limits your options, however I would suggest perhaps consider lessening animal product consumption, by beginning the process of learning how to swop out key animal products such as dairy.

Almond picking at Beach Farm in Lagoa

Living in the Algarve, there is no shortage of Almond trees, and indeed, here on Beach Farm, there is an abundance of almond variety, which have been used for a variety of delicious products.  Almonds are great to use for deserts, but especially for making Almond Milk, which means we do not consume animal milk at all.  Almond Milk has has found its way into my cooking too, having now perfected the art of making batter, cakes, porridge and pancakes with Almond Milk.

Multi layer chocolate cake make with almond milk and gluten free flour

During the course of summer 2017, I even attended a vegan picnic in the local area, which was was attended by some very interesting and colourful people.

There is also an abundance of wonderful fresh vegetal products in the Algarve such as carob and figs, all of which can be used in cakes, dessert dishes, and snack time treat.  And indeed, we here at Beach Farm are looking forward to fig picking again, so that we can experiment in the creation of some delicious healthy treats.




Here at Beach Farm, we cater to vegans, diabetics, gluten intolerant, or any other specifications.  Desserts are made to order, so get in touch for a free quote and menu / recipe consultation

Live well and show respect to your fellow sentient beings.







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