ALGARVIAN.LIFE is a lifestyle publication detailing the life and culture in the Algarve, Portugal, from the perspective of an international independent media Journalist.

MEL VE – Author & Editor of ALGARVIAN.LIFE

As a humble journeyer in this cosmic gauntlet of challenges, it so happens that my path found me locating myself in Portugal.

Born in South Africa, I lived in London and Holland for a decade each, before landing myself an opportunity that I just could not pass up.  As an international independent Journalist, most of my work is now done online, which means that I an literally live anywhere, so in the middle of 2017, we relocated from the horrid climate of Holland, to the sunny shores of the Algarve.  This is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

Just out the water at Cavoeiro beach

I am finding a new sense of myself in these amazing ancient lands, as I gleam examples of true freedom and beauty that exists in such abundance.  This is a place that gives me hope for the future, as we learn to free our minds from the draconian constructs, and engage a new paradigm of existence by seeking to create a free, fair, just, peaceful, sustainable world.

Mel at the Ibn Immar Festival 2017

I was utterly amazed when I arrived, as I immersed myself into a whole new culture.  What impresses me the most about the Algarve is the vast array of eclectic festivals held, and the many interesting places that there are to go for a bit of culture and fun.  From the Candlelight Festival in Lagoa, to the Didgeridoo Festival, to the Ibn Immar Festival in Estombar, to the Medieval Festival in Silves, to the Pirate Festival in Porches, to the amazing array of food festivals, including a dessert festival held in a convent.  Other food festivals include a Sardine Festival, a Snail Festival, a Sweet Potato Festival and of course Chocolate Festival, but to name a few.  They certainly know how to throw a good festival in the Algarve.

cocktails on the beach in Cavoeiro


There certainly is no shortage of places to eat, drink and party, and with the prices being half of that of other parts of Europe, money goes much further, and that means there is more fun to be had.

Having travelled so far has allowed me to develop my taste and discernment with regards to food and culture.  My plan for this online publication, is to chronicle the places that I visit, whilst sharing my experiences and recommendations.  We welcome recommendations and invitations, so please get in touch via our CONTACT page, or our email:






As the co-founder and Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network, and producer of Conscious Kitchen, we create a select range of conscious lifestyle products on an old wine farm in Lagoa, available from Algarvian.Life.


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